Future Physician's Day 2021

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Future Physician's Day 2019

North Central and Northern Highland AHECs, along with the Medical College of Wisconsin-Central WI Campus (MCW-CW), hosted the 3rd annual ‘Future Physician’s Day’ on Friday, April 19, 2019.  This year, the program expanded to three levels, 1.0 for high school upper-classmen, and 2.0 for early undergraduate college students interested in medicine, and 3.0 for students in nearing completion of their undergraduate program who will soon be applying to medical school. In total, 34 students attended and provided wonderful feedback on what they took away from the program. Participant goals for the day included:

  • getting a glimpse into what it's like to be a medical student.

  • gaining insight into the knowledge and skills needed to prepare yourself as a future medical school candidate.

  • exploring the path to residency.

  • obtaining information on how to finance medical school.

  • identifying physician workforce needs in Wisconsin.

  • learning tips for completing medical school applications and for medical school interviewing

A big thank you to MCW-CW for hosting and coordinating the day's activities. Participants performed sutering, learned about the path to medical school and residency, visited the Family Medicine Residency Clinic in Wausau and engaged with residents, heard first-hand what a day in the life of a primary care physician looks like, and met with the admissions and interviewing committee faculty.  This program is co-sponsored through a strong partnership between North Central AHEC, Northern Highland AHEC, and MCW-Central WI.

2018 Future Physican's Day Students