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As a member of the National AHEC Organization (NAO), Wisconsin AHEC, shares this equity statement on social justice in response to the recent National Mass Shooting Tragedies

In the light of recent national events, the NAO reaffirms its position and commitment to equality, inclusion, and justice for all – while condemning racism, discrimination, injustice, and violence in all forms. We have recently witnessed deplorable acts of violence targeting Asian-Americans. On March 17, 2021, in Atlanta, GA, eight individuals were murdered, six of whom were Asian-American. More recently, on April 15 in Indianapolis, IN, another mass shooting killed eight people, four of them from the city’s Sikh community. Our thoughts and support are with all victims of discrimination and violence.  

Social justice, and more specifically racial and ethnic justice, are deeply intertwined with the work we do in public health and healthcare.  In this, we acknowledge and embrace the unique role and responsibility we all must play in creating a more just and equitable world.  NAO continually works to provide education on topics surrounding diversity in all its practices. Please know that we support you, our members, during these times that seek to divide our communities and nation. NAO will continually work to provide a safe space for discussions surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The nature of our work at Wisconsin AHEC positions us to be powerful advocates, allies for our communities of color, and change agents as we strive to accomplish a more representative health care workforce, address social determinants of health, and support cultural competency efforts in our communities. We must answer the call to action – louder and with more intentionality than we ever have before. We are committed to educating, advocating, and demonstrating our values in our programming and policies. 

We trust you will join us in our work to face social inequalities head-on and commit to peaceful strategies that lead to systematic change and invite you to explore the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources curated by the UW Madison Health Sciences Ebling Library.


Increase diversity via implementing college programming and supporting pipeline programs via strategic partnerships

Improve distribution via interprofessional training, and community-based experiential trainings

Practice Transformation

Support practice transformation through alignment of strategic partnerships, and advancing innovative evidence-based interventions and practices

"Connecting Students to Careers ~ Professionals to Communities ~ Communities to Better Health "
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